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Hope for Grieving Mother as SIT Reveals Suspect List in IIT Kharagpur Student Faizan Ahmed’s Murder

Kolkata, Dec. 13: Rehana Ahmed, mother of the slain IITian, has been actively engaged in her pursuit of those who killed her son. Rehana exhibited remarkable grit and courage, meeting with the Special Investigation Team (SIT) officers here multiple times. She is sure her quest for justice will finally end in the arrest and punishment of Faizan’s killers.

During their most recent meeting on December 2, Rehana and her lawyer were questioned about various aspects of Faizan’s life, including his childhood, behavior, dietary habits, and if he was undergoing any treatment for depression. The SIT officials shared their list of suspects with Rehana and engaged in discussions regarding potential individuals involved in the crime. They also provided her with suspected phone numbers, seeking her assistance in narrowing down the leads.

On December 6, during a visit to IIT Kharagpur, the SIT handed over all of Faizan’s belongings to Rehana. However, she expressed her disappointment that no official from IIT Kharagpur approached them during their visit to collect Faizan’s possessions.

Despite the numerous challenges faced, Rehana’s hopes have been bolstered by the assurance from the SIT that justice will ultimately prevail. During this process, she discovered that Faizan had experienced ragging at IIT Kharagpur, a distressing detail previously unknown to the family.

The case took a dramatic turn when Faizan’s parents disputed the initial ruling of suicide. Justice Rajasekhar Mantha’s intervention led to a fresh postmortem, which conclusively determined it to be a homicide. To carry out further investigations, a three-member SIT, headed by senior IPS officer Jayaraman, was established.

The division bench upheld the findings of the second autopsy, granting the SIT permission to proceed with their inquiry. The SIT is expected to present its report on December 18.




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