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Interfaith Iftar Promotes Understanding at Local Mosque

10 Apr. 24

In a heartwarming display of communal harmony and understanding, Hindu women from diverse backgrounds were welcomed with warmth and hospitality at the Haji Qasim Masjid in Anguri Bagh, Usmanpura. The occasion was an interfaith iftar organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), aiming to foster mutual understanding and dispel misconceptions about mosques among non-Muslims.

The event attracted around 70 Hindu women, including Renuka Kathar, a municipal corporation employee, and Nirmal Nimbhore, a state police worker, who were pleasantly surprised by the openness and hospitality extended by the hosts. Renuka expressed her delight at witnessing Islamic practices firsthand, while Nirmal admitted that her prior misconceptions about women’s entry into mosques were dispelled by the warm reception and inclusive atmosphere of the event.

The initiative, titled ‘Masjid Parichay’ (Introduction to the Mosque), sought to bridge cultural divides and encourage societal cohesion. Shaikh Nasir Johri, the event organizer, emphasized that mosques are open to everyone, irrespective of gender or faith, and reiterated the importance of fostering respectful relationships between communities.

Harshali Kathar, a homemaker who attended the iftar, highlighted how the experience reshaped her perception of mosques and women’s access to religious spaces. She remarked that understanding each other’s religions is key to societal prosperity.

The participants enjoyed a delicious iftar meal, marking a first-time experience for many within the walls of a mosque. Shaikh Nasir Johri expressed great satisfaction with the event’s success and shared positive feedback received from attendees, who suggested making such programs an annual tradition to promote mutual consideration and cooperation across communities.

The ‘Masjid Parichay’ initiative encapsulates the essence of Ramadan, embracing the spirit of inclusivity and interfaith dialogue. By opening their doors and hearts, the organizers hope to sow seeds of understanding and unity that will resonate beyond this auspicious occasion, fostering a more harmonious and cohesive society.


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