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Tribute to Mangal Pandey: Aziz Public School Celebrates Freedom Fighter’s Legacy

– Raheem Khan

Jaipur, April 10: The revered legacy of freedom fighter Mangal Pandey was honored at Aziz Public School, Lalawas, Ramgarh Road, here on the occasion of his death anniversary. Students gathered to pay heartfelt tributes to Pandey, who fearlessly stood against British tyranny and sacrificed his life for India’s independence.

Amidst the commemoration, Sara Ismail, Vice President of the Students’ Union at Haridev Joshi Journalism University, enlightened young minds about the upcoming implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India. She emphasized that the UCC aims to ensure equal rights for all citizens, irrespective of their religious beliefs, under the constitutional framework. Ismail reiterated that religious rights guaranteed by the Constitution are inviolable.

Reflecting on Mangal Pandey’s courage, Ismail praised him as one of India’s valiant freedom fighters who faced the gallows with unwavering resolve, setting a heroic example for future generations.

The event was further enriched with a spirited quiz competition involving seven teams named after historical and contemporary figures: Razia Sultan, Chand Bibi, Fatima Sheikh, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Allama Iqbal, Nighat Zareen, and Maulana Abul Kalam. The quiz showcased the children’s knowledge and enthusiasm, with the Allama Iqbal team clinching the top position, followed by Chand Bibi in second place and the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam team in third.

Principal Sharif expressed delight at the success of the quiz program, highlighting its educational value in deepening students’ understanding of the nation’s history. He stressed the importance of organizing such events regularly to enrich students’ learning experiences. Each participant was honored with certificates of appreciation and gifts as tokens of encouragement.

The commemorative event not only paid homage to a national hero but also encouraged intellectual engagement among the students, fostering a deeper appreciation for India’s rich history and the values of equality and liberty it upholds.


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