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Israel is defeated

Instead of Israel reducing its aerial bombardments and artillery and missile attacks on the Gaza Strip, the leaders of this entity has increased the amounts of systematic and unsystematic bombing, the use of internationally banned weapons, such as white phosphorus bombs and suffocating chemical smoke.

Cartoon from Al Quds Al Arabi

All this, after it has already flattened its buildings and schools, stopped the working of its hospitals and killed more than 17,000 (now more than 19,000) Palestinian civilians, 70% of whom were children and women. It was supposed to reduce its attacks to decrease the number of deaths among civilians, so that it can lessen the level of global condemnation of its barbarism, and to achieve its intention to isolate the Hamas movement’s fighters, it is perpetuating its new Nazi image before the entire world.

Israel has so far lost the war against Hamas. The world has not seen any deaths or prisoners from among the Hamas’ brigades or fighters. The peoples of the entire earth have seen images of horrific Palestinian sufferings, the legendary steadfastness of the people of Gaza in the face of killings, intimidation, and starvation, and their persistence in their support of the cause of liberation of their country. Israel lost the image it had established of itself among western decision-makers and many peoples that it is threatened by its Arab neighbours who want to remove it from the map. Now, its image is of a rogue Israel which kills children and women, compared to the defenceless, grief-stricken, deprived and patient residents of Gaza, who have their homes demolished over their heads amid brutal Zionist raids. This image of Israel will never be erased from the world memory and historical documentation.

There is information which confirms that the Israeli government officials do not have an accurate idea of the result of their war on Gaza. All they know is that they want to “exterminate Hamas” even if they kill the entire population of the Gaza Strip. The course of the war confirms this. Israel fights with a day-to-day policy. It is in no hurry to reach its goals or even consider humanitarian issues of civilians. The loss to Israel’s relations with its allies in the Western and Arab world is increasing. Tel Aviv has embarrassed all those who stood with it in the war because it is waging a war of extermination against civilians without a clear agenda with logical and realistic conclusions. This is something which US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin described, “Israel will suffer a strategic defeat in the war it is waging on the Gaza Strip if it fails.” “Heed warnings about the high number of civilian casualties.”

The world sees the ruins of the Gaza Strip. All its institutions, buildings, homes, hospitals, schools, and international shelters have turned into piles of stones and giant pits. There are thousands of dead bodies piled up. The results of this war may be surprising to everyone, not only within the borders of the Gaza Strip, but throughout this region and other regions of the world. The idea of “A Palestinian state without Hamas” is illogical. This is because “Hamas” is not from outside the Palestinian demographic and political structure which Israel wants to control.

(by Fres Al-Khattab in Al Araby Al Jadeed)
Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque


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