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SIO Goa Launches De-Addicting Goa 2.0 Campaign

Radiance News

Dec. 15: In a significant move to combat the rising drug menace in Goa, the Students Islamic Organisation of India, Goa Zone, has launched the ‘De-Addicting Goa 2.0’ campaign. Running for ten days from December 10 to 20, the initiative aims to eradicate drug-related issues within Goan educational institutions and society at large.

At the campaign launch, key figures such as Zonal President Mr. Usman Khan, Zonal Secretary Yunus Mulla, Campaign Convener Suheb Naik, and Public Relations Secretary Mazhar Mukashi were present to underscore the importance of the mission.

Mr. Usman Khan emphasized, “The campaign’s objectives include raising awareness among students and youth about the detrimental effects of drugs, identifying root causes, rebranding Goa as a drug-free state, and establishing support groups within the society through various stakeholders.”

Speaking to Radiance, Khan further outlined the state-level activities planned, encompassing campus lectures, competitions, questionnaire activities, rallies, press conferences, social media campaigns, corner meets, street plays, and a caravan, etc.

Campaign Convener shed light on the alarming increase in drug seizures in Goa, with drugs worth over Rs. 20 crore seized in the past two years, leading to the arrest of more than 200 individuals. Educational institutions are increasingly concerned about the accessibility of drugs within campuses, with case studies revealing that even teenagers are not immune to this menace. Naik highlighted a reluctance among parents and institutes to report cases, emphasizing the need to address the issue before it jeopardizes the sanctity of educational institutions.

The campaign’s goals include reaching 150 educational institutions, organizing 20+ street plays, conducting 50+ corner meets, and addressing 60k+ masses. Activities will be executed at two levels: state and area. Area-level initiatives comprise submitting memoranda to local administration, courtesy calls to MLAs, municipal councilors, advocates, and social workers, street corner meetings, door-to-door campaigns, street plays, lectures in educational institutions, ‘Chai pe Charcha’, and public opinions on drug abuse.

SIO believes effective collaboration among the legislature, executive, and judiciary, coupled with accountability towards society, can eradicate the drug menace from Goan society.


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