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JIH Lucknow public meet: Maulana Siraj Qasmi stresses adherence to prophetic teachings for well-being in this world and next

– Anwarulhaq Baig

Lucknow, October 10, 2023: Speaking at a public conference on the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ organized by Jamaat e-Islami Hind (JIH) Lucknow, renowned Islamic scholar Maulana Ahmed Siraj Qasmi has emphasized that success and well-being in both this world and the next lies solely in adhering to prophetic teachings.

Asserting that in the Qur’an, whenever obedience is mentioned, it refers to obeying the Prophet, Maulana Siraj Qasmi said, “The solution to our problems is in loyalty to the Prophet. The real test of our obedience to Messenger ﷺ is when we have to give up our most beloved thing for him.

Maulana gave an example of devout followers, who refrain from adorning themselves with gold ornaments despite their attractive and precious value, as the Prophet forbade them.

Voicing concern about the current state of the community, Maulana Qasmi noted that Muslims worldwide are facing humiliation despite the promise of prosperity and salvation through obeying Allah and His Messenger. He attributed this to a failure in adhering to the prescribed teachings of Islam.

Emphasizing the need to strictly follow all the commandments of the Prophet and abstain from what he prohibited, Maulana Qasmi has cautioned that those who deviate from these divine guidelines face destruction.

The program was part of the campaign on the theme of ‘Muhammad ﷺ: Leader of Humanity’ which is being conducted from September 17 to October 16, 2023.

Maulana Zubair Malik Falahi and Dr. Amjad Saeed Falahi also addressed the event, hosted by the JIH UP East chapter, which attracted sizable participants, including both men and women. The purpose of the gathering was to contemplate the teachings of the Prophet and their relevance in today’s world.


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