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JIH Welcomes UN Resolution for Humanitarian truce, Expresses disappointment over India’s Abstinence


– Radiance News

New Delhi, October 29: The President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Syed Sadatullah Husani has welcomed the UN General Assembly resolution calling for immediate, durable and sustained ‘humanitarian truce’ in Gaza Strip. He has also urged the signatory countries to ensure its immediate enforcement.

“Precipitous violations of human rights, ranging from the deprivation of food, water, medical aid, communication, and power to millions of Palestinians and the tragic loss of thousands of innocent lives, is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time and demand much more concrete action from the international community,” he said.

However, he expressed his disappointment over India’s abstention at the UN General Assembly call for a humanitarian truce in Gaza. India has always been a prominent voice approving of the rights of Palestinians and vehemently opposing the colonizing atrocities of Israel.

India’s historical record includes a crucial vote in 1947 against the formation of Israel and several decisive votes in favour of Palestine. This principled stand has been reiterated by successive governments irrespective of the party in power and the support for the Palestinian cause has been reaffirmed by the government of India during the recent crisis as well.

“With this record, India’s abstention in this critical vote is shocking and highly disappointing and does not represent the morality of the people of India. It is very unfortunate that our UN representatives have chosen to ally with imperialist Western countries and to get isolated from the entire global south, all the countries in South Asia, and the emerging anti-imperialist powers like BRICS. This inconsistency and confusion have caused us to lose a major opportunity to become a potent leader of the global south,” the JIH chief said.

He appealed, “In light of the current situation, we earnestly urge the international community to take swift and decisive action towards a ceasefire and the pursuit of a peaceful resolution. The urgency of this call is underscored by the pressing need for stability, humanitarian relief, and the promotion of dialogue to address the root causes of conflict. A collective and immediate effort is essential to pave the way for lasting peace, fostering an environment where diplomatic solutions can flourish and contribute to the well-being of Palestinian people.”