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Let Ulama Come on Single Platform: Majlisul Ulama

Radiance News Service

– Zaina Aman

New Delhi, Dec. 4: Majlisul Ulama, an organisation of Ulama (Islamic Scholars), active in soci-religious and intellectual activities, organised a program on ‘Role of Ulama in Building an Islamic society’ at Masjid Ishaat-e-Islam here Saturday.

As Ulama are the successors of prophets and in every time period it has been their distinct practice to invite humankind towards Islam and the obedience of Almighty Allah, guide people in religious matters, counter prevalent issues in the society and to promote brotherhood, unity and harmony.

As the Muslims all around the world are facing mass internment and unprecedented repression, it is need of the hour to discuss these topics and come up as a society.

The programme started with Quran recitation by Qari Irfan, followed by a beautiful presentation of Na’at by Maulana Zameer Azmi Falahi and Maulana Hameeduddin Falahi.

Mufti Sohail Ahmad Qasmi introduced Majlisul Ulama and, in his opening remarks, said there’s leadership quality in every one of us, we just need a positive direction. He further said, “The Companions also differed, but despite this they respected each other.”

After that an open discussion followed in which several scholars expressed their views.

While delivering the presidential address, Maulana Inamullah Falahi, member Zonal Advisory Council Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Delhi said that to form a better society we will have to move forward together.

At the end of the programme, Dr. Muhammad Arif Nadvi, General Secretary of Ideal Relief Trust, told the gathering about Vision 2026, where they are planning to conduct free medical checkups, computer courses and counselling on scholarships and government schemes for Imams and Muezzins.

Thereafter, with vote of thanks and prayers, the programme came to an end.


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