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No Prosperity without Morality: Massive Discourse of Quran in Kannada

– Mohammed Atherulla Shariff

Bengaluru, Dec. 20: It was a feast not only for the Basavakalyan town but for the neighbouring towns of other districts too. A mammoth gathering of aged and young, men and women, believers and non-believers thronged at Sabha Bhavan, the venue of public discourse of the Quran in Kannada, all three days.

Mohammed Kunhi, Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Karnataka delivered the discourse on three different topics each day. National Development and Moral Values, Requisites of a Pleasant Family and Successful Life were dealt with in the light of the Quran in so touching a way the dignitaries on the dais could hardly control the spilling tears.

Before the discourse, the Imam of Jamia Masjid Hafiz Farkhunda Ali recited a few verses of the holy Quran and a Swamy of a Mutt read the translation in Kannada.

Basavakalyan, the famous spiritual centre of Lingayats, is in Bidar district of Karnataka. It was the capital of two dynasties — Kalyani Chalukya and Kalachuris of Kalyani. It is famous for the world’s tallest Basavanna statue, which stands 108 feet high.

Referring to the revolution brought by Basavanna, Mohammed Kunhi said this place should lead another revolution in the country, that of spirituality and morality. We should side with truth and stand against falsehood. Quoting from the Qur’ān, he said in God’s view only a pious person is held in high esteem. Rest of our identities are only to know each other. By birth no one is superior or inferior, it is his character and conduct that makes him respectable.

The massive auditorium was full much before the commencement of the discourse.

A huge book stall was another important spot which was flooded by the book lovers. Literature pertaining to various topics of Islam and the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in Kannada worth two lakh rupees was sold.

A galaxy of heads of various castes and sub-castes and revenue department and police officials were charm of the dais. Apart from the heads of various Lingayat Mutts, Sister Saraswati of the Brahma Kumari also shared the dais.  The leaders of Dhangar Samaj, Rajput Samaj, Thigda Samaj and several other sub-caste leaders presented their symbolic gifts to the speaker. Black Blanket is sacred with Dhangar Samaj which they wished the speaker to use on the chair from where he delivers the discourse of the Quran.

Hafiz Mohammed Aslam, city president of the Jamaat, which had hosted the programme for the eight consecutive year, had formed a big Reception Committee headed by a renowned paediatrician Dr. GS Bhurle. Shivanand Mitre, a Tahsildar and other dignitaries of the town worked for the success of the programme wholeheartedly.

The wonderful event management was highly appreciated by one and all. Not less than ten thousand attendees were served with hot delicious meals after the programme every day.



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