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SIO urges government to rebrand Goa as a drug-free state

Panjim, Goa, Dec. 20: As concerns grow about Goa’s image being tarnished by social media influencers and a rising crime rate, the Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Goa Zone is urging the government to actively rebrand Goa as a drug-free state.

To highlight concerns about the growing menace of addiction, especially among youth, and the easy availability of drugs, SIO organized a 10-day campaign on the theme ‘De-Addicting Goa 2.0’ from December 10 to 20.

Addressing a gathering of students participating in the concluding function and a rally across the capital city, SIO Goa President Usman Khan emphasized that the youth hold the key to changing the future course of Goa. He stated, “Students should pledge to eradicate this Drug Menace from Goan educational institutions and society at large.”

The campaign showcased various activities aimed at eradicating drugs from Goan educational institutions and society. This included campus lectures, more than 20 Mime acts across 7 towns and cities, rallies with participation from over 10,000 students, PR meets with police officials, health officials, NGOs, and social activists, as well as door-to-door and corner meets with families, sensitizing the masses about the ill effects of drug addiction. The campaign concluded with a State Level Drawing Competition in which 60-plus students qualified and participated in Panaji.

SIO Goa Zone demands identification and closure of drug hotspots across Goa, police van patrolling schools during break time and when students leave in the afternoon, and civil society and other like-minded organizations should collaborate to form support groups to assist addicts in the rehabilitation process.

With everyone’s cooperation, the drug menace can be eradicated from Goan educational spaces and society in general.


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