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Palestine solidarity march held at University of Hyderabad

Hyderabad, October 27: The University of Hyderabad (HCU) for Palestine Collective organised a protest march here this evening, in which hundreds of students participated. The march began at the South Shopping Complex and ended at the South Campus Gate.

Security staff attempted to break up the gathering by destroying the banners and placards and manhandling the students. However, despite these threats and challenges, the students remained unyielding, making the attempts of security staff futile.

Students voiced their outrage against the genocide and displacement happening in the occupied land of Palestine, demonstrating their solidarity for the besieged Palestinian people and their struggle.

They denounced the heinous acts of crimes against humanity committed by the settler state of Israel and its indiscriminate demolition of Palestinian people and their property.

The university administration is about to take disciplinary action against the students who took part in the protest march.


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