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Police Thwarts March against Israeli Attacks on Gaza, Detains Hundreds of Protesters

New Delhi, October 27: Hundreds of protestors were detained by the police when they were trying to assemble at Jantar Mantar here this afternoon to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and raise their voice against Israel’s inhuman attack on Gaza defying all international laws.

The protestors including students, concerned citizens and members of civil society groups on a call from Friends of Palestine gathered at Jantar Mantar to protest against Israel’s war crimes. Israel, during the ongoing conflict, has attacked civilians, hospitals, religious places, women and children. More than 5000 people have died so far and nearly half of them are children.

The protestors were forcefully detained by the police and some were even manhandled. On the detention, the police said that they have detained them because they were not allowed to hold protest at Jantar Mantar.

One of the protestors after his detention, while talking to the media persons, said that they are protesting against Israel’s attack on innocent citizens of Palestine. We are here to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people. “What a shame India has changed its stand on the Palestinian cause and doesn’t even allow us to protest against Israeli crimes against humanity,” he said.

Another protestor said that the police illegally detained them. “We have democratic and constitutional rights to protest and the police has not allowed us to protest even peacefully. The international community is silent but we will raise our voice.”

Later, the protestors were released at about 25-30 kilometers distance from Jantar Mantar, the site where the protest was scheduled to be held.

Friends of Palestine, which organized the protest march, said in a statement, “Despite the significant participation of students and women, many were unjustly detained by Delhi police.”

The statement further said, “Our message is unequivocal:

an immediate ceasefire, the lifting of the Gaza siege, and international intervention to halt the brutal killing of Palestinians, including children and women. We call for the cessation of all ties with Israel and urge the global community to press Israel for adherence to international laws.”

The group also urged the Government of India “to actively contribute to the liberation and statehood of Palestine, it is in our national interest and promote India on position of global justice. India maintains its unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.”

On the unjust detention of protestors, the statement said, “The detention of peaceful protesters by Delhi police stifles democratic voices and undermines the democratic fabric of India. Citizens have the full right to engage in peaceful protests, and we call for the protection of this fundamental democratic principle.”

It concluded, “Friends of Palestine remain committed to advocating for justice across the country and urges the international community to stand against the atrocities in Palestine.”


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