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Saudi Scholar on Talaq

Radiance News Service

New Delhi, Dec. 3: Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Mutlaq, a member of the Senior Scholars Committee and advisor to the Royal Court in Saudi Arabia, has elaborated on the issue of talaq when it takes place and when it does not take place even after pronouncement, according to a Noor TV Jeddah video uploaded today.

Speaking in an interview on a TV channel of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh al-Mutlaq said that talaq comes into effect when the wife is pregnant or when the woman takes a bath after menstruation and she has not had intercourse with her husband. In these two conditions, if husband pronounces talaq then it will occur.

On the contrary, if husband pronounces talaq when wife is menstruating or she has had intercourse with her husband after taking a bath as a result of menstruation then talaq will not occur. Then, in the entire month after intercourse till next menstruation, talaq will not occur if her husband pronounces it. “This is the mercy of Allah,” said Sheikh al-Mutlaq and added, “By having sex with wife after menstruation, husband closes the door of talaq. It is prohibited to pronounce talaq during menstruation or after having sex with her. People are not aware how to break up the marriage in the light of Shariah.”

A woman told Noor TV Jeddah on phone that “every month I deprive my husband of his right to divorce by having sex with him immediately after menstruation. Then I remain carefree the entire month. By chance, if he says talaq, it will not occur.”

Sheikh al-Mutlaq also advised husbands that they should use lovely words (my dear, darling, sweet heart, etc.) to please wife. “Satan has created conflict between us and we will not stop loving each other. I cannot live without you,” the husband should tell his wife and should not resort to talaq.


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