Thursday, May 23, 2024
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SIO Condemns NTA’s Last-Minute Decision to Postpone Delhi Exams

15 May 2024: The Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) has strongly criticized the National Testing Agency (NTA) for its sudden postponement of Chemistry, Biology, English, and General Test papers scheduled for May 15 in Delhi. Labeling the move as irresponsible, SIO emphasizes the detrimental impact on students.

Expressing dismay over the NTA’s lack of foresight and consideration, SIO highlights the chaos caused by the eleventh-hour notification. The organization points out the NTA’s failure to provide timely information, exacerbated by the prolonged unavailability of the NTA website. This has left students in disarray, especially those who received their admit cards at the last minute.

In a statement, SIO India demands accountability from the NTA and urges immediate measures to prevent such disruptions in the future. The organization stands in solidarity with affected students, reaffirming its commitment to advocating for their rights and ensuring their voices are heard.


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