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Vision 2026 Scholarship Recipient Achieves Top Rank in BPSC Teachers Recruitment Exam

New Delhi, May 15: Muhammad Zikrullah Khan, a scholarship recipient from Vision 2026, has clinched the first position in the highly competitive BPSC Teachers Recruitment Exam. Khan, who hails from the Saharsa district in Bihar, has distinguished himself as the frontrunner in this prestigious examination.

Khan’s journey began with his Aalimiat degree from Nadwatul Ulama in Lucknow. In 2015, he moved to Delhi to further his education. He enrolled at Jamia Millia Islamia, where he successfully completed his BA, B.Ed, and M.Ed degrees, demonstrating exceptional academic prowess.

Throughout his academic journey, Khan received crucial support from Vision 2026, a scholarship initiative dedicated to aiding students from underprivileged backgrounds. Abdul Karim, the in-charge of the scholarship division at Vision 2026, commented, “Vision 2026 has been instrumental in Muhammad Zikrullah Khan’s educational journey, providing him with the necessary financial support for both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies.”

Khan’s story is particularly inspiring given his humble beginnings. Coming from a financially disadvantaged background, he is the first in his family to pursue formal education. Despite these challenges, he has not only succeeded academically but has also excelled, securing the top rank in the BPSC Teachers Recruitment Exam on his first attempt. This remarkable achievement has earned him the coveted position of Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT).

Khan’s success is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and the vital support provided by Vision 2026. His accomplishment serves as an inspiration to many students from similar backgrounds, highlighting the transformative power of education and the impact of supportive scholarship programs.


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