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SIO Darbhanga runs environment awareness campaign

Darbhanga, Dec. 22: Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Darbhanga Unit has launched an awareness campaign for school children to keep the environment clean. During this awareness campaign, SIO is organising essay and painting competitions, and group discussions. The children are being encouraged to work for a clean environment.

After the competition in a local school here, Darsgah-e-Islami, Purani Munsafi, children of Class-III to Class-VIII were given prizes for their good performance. School principal Mohammad Umar distributed the prizes.

The organisers, including Daniyal Afaqi, Mohammad Atif and Amanullah of SIO discussed the importance of a clean environment. They also talked about the situation prevailing here.

Though not a big city, the environment here is continuously being polluted to a dangerous level. The Air Quality Index (AQI) of Darbhanga remains above the red mark most of the time.

AIQ level of this city goes to the top three of the country. SIO is trying to work to improve this situation.

The PM 2.5 concentration here is twenty times more than the benchmark set by the World Health Organisation. The air quality in the city is quite critical for health. People are getting ill due to this bad quality of air. The children are also victims of such air causing respirational problems among them. The elderly are getting sick because of lung infections. They are also developing heart problems, too. Pregnant women are also affected by bad air quality.

Local people say the situation here is quite worrisome. If steps are not taken to reduce air pollution, more people will suffer from pollution-induced diseases.


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