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Two Muslim teenagers stripped and brutally beaten in UP’s Kushingar

– Shakilur Rahman

New Delhi, Dec. 30: In Rampur Ghat village of Ramkola station in Kushinagar, two Muslim teenagers were kidnapped, stripped and brutally beaten and made to stand in a pond in freezing cold December night. And after becoming unconscious, the victims were left outside the village. The incident occurred on   December 4; it came to light after a video went viral.

The victims, Abdul Fahad (15) and Shahryaar (16), students of Class IX,  said they were abducted by a group of bikers on gunpoint while going to school at Ramkola station. The goons took them to an isolated place near a pond in the village. The traumatized students stopped going to school after the incident.

The culprits recorded the incident on camera and made the video viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that the attackers are thrashing the youths, and one of them was forced to touch the feet of one of the goons. The youth is also seen standing in the pond in chest high water at night during extreme cold weather.

The goons who inhumanely thrashed the Muslim youngsters are reportedly associated with Hindu Yuva Vahini. The case has been filed against six youths, namely: Aditya Singh, Nitin Madhesiya, Aryan Singh, Arjun, Yuvaraj, and Chandan. It is said that Aditya Singh is the main accused.

Four individuals have been arrested so far. The father of the student filed an FIR after which the police arrested the accused. The police have said they are taking action against the culprits after the video went viral on social media. They also said appropriate action is being taken to nab the remaining accused. The video was shot by the goons while beating the youths and making them raise ‘religious’ slogans.

In a statement to the media, father of one of the victims said that when he went with the application, the police station in-charge chased him away. Then, he again went to the police station with another application. The second time, the station in-charge allegedly told him ‘to change this and this’ and ‘remove these claims’ from the FIR. Third time the application was accepted in connection with the matter and minor sections have been imposed in the case against the accused. He alleged that the police are also trying to exert pressure for a compromise. The police allegedly told the victim’s father that “they (the accused) have both, money and muscle power; they can do anything”.

The accused said the victims were misbehaving with a girl, that is why they committed these actions. On the contrary, a victim, Shahryaar, claimed that he does not know why this brutal step was taken against them.


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