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Rufaida College of Nursing of Jamia Hamdard Hosts Induction Programme for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Batch-2023

New Delhi, Nov. 8, 2023

Rufaida College of Nursing, Jamia Hamdard organised inaugural session of Induction Programme for M.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing, Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing and DGNM 1st year students at Convention Centre, Jamia Hamdard here today.

The Induction Programme was conducted to help new students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment and to inculcate in them the ethos and culture of the institution, help them build bonds with other students and faculty members, and to expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self-exploration. The term induction is generally used to describe the whole process whereby the incumbents adjust to or acclimatize to their new roles and environment.

A total of 178 students of first year M.Sc. Nursing, B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing, Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing and DGNM attended the Induction programme. The Chief Guest, Mrs. Nuzhat Hassan, Special Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police, inaugurated the programme. The dignitaries present on the dais were Prof. M. Afshar Alam, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Hamdard; Prof. Manju Chhugani, Dean, SNSAH and Prof. Veena Sharma, Principal, Rufaida College of Nursing.

The inaugural ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by the Imam of Rabia Mosque, followed by Hamdard Tarana intoned by the nursing students. The Principal of Rufaida College of Nursing welcomed the dignitaries and gatherings. She highlighted that the purpose of Induction Programme is to help students in getting familiarized with the institution as well as its ethos. “A student should feel free to approach his or her faculty mentor or the student guide, when facing any kind of problem, whether academic or financial or psychological, etc.,” she said.

Prof. Manju Chhugani encouraged the students to acquire knowledge and skills to be a competent nurse professional.

Speaking as Chief Guest, Mrs. Nuzhat Hassan appreciated the students for choosing nursing as a profession. Nurses being the backbone of healthcare system, work selflessly, full of dedication and humbleness to heal the patients and families in distress. She emphasised that the role of student nurses is not just limited to the present, but extends to the future and their commitment to acquire knowledge and skills determines the quality of healthcare in our country.

It was followed by the release of learning module on ‘Soft Skills’ for the students by the Chief Guest and the Vice Chancellor. The coordinator and the editor of the module are Prof. Veena Sharma (Principal, Rufaida College of Nursing) and Ms. Bindu Shaiju (Associate Professor), and it is designed as per the new syllabus revised by Indian Nursing Council in keeping with its need for the nurses and as per National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

The Vice Chancellor of Jamia Hamdard, in his presidential address, enlightened the vision of Hakeem Abdul Hameed, the founder of Jamia Hamdard, of empowering girls of minority and weaker sections of society. He also highlighted the motto of faculty of nursing – ‘Par excellence in preparing competitiveness professionals’ and ensured that the university provides rich array of learning opportunities in a safe and inspiring learning environment, inculcating traditional and modern methods of teaching and learning under the guidance of skilled and dedicated teaching faculty. He also assured the students that Jamia Hamdard is the right place for their young minds to transform into educated, competent and responsible citizens of the nation with the entire university to support, sustain and stimulate them.

The inaugural ceremony came to an end with the vote of thanks by Ms. Mikki, Assistant Professor, Rufaida College of Nursing.


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